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Fontes Linguae Vasconum

Journal of Basque Linguistics, aimed at the academic community and published since 1969.

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Description and objectives of the journal

Fontes Linguae Vasconum is a biannual academic journal dedicated to Basque linguistics and philology which has been published by the Government of Navarre since 1969.

It publishes original articles on the following topics: historical and synchronic linguistics, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, typology, discourse analysis, translation and interpretation, computational and corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, classical and contemporary literature, sociolinguistics, variation, dialectology, lexicography and lexicology, historiography, the preservation, recovery and teaching of the language, and the publication and study of old texts, always with reference to the Basque language. It also publishes book reviews and special monographic issues. 

The contents of the journal, which are both empirical and theoretical, are aimed at the international scholarly community and aim to enrich academic debate, always giving priority to articles which bring an innovative vision to and address current issues in the sphere of Basque language studies.

All the articles published, including those in the special issues, are subjected to comprehensive double-blind peer review to guarantee the quality of the journal's contents. The entire publishing process is completely free for authors, and the journal, in line with its commitment to an open access policy, provides readers with free open access to all the contents online, under Creative Commons licensing.

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Fontes Linguae Vasconum